Spotlight: Coping With Illness in Yourself or Your Loved Ones

POSTED April 6, 2022 IN

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People recover from illness for reasons that we don’t understand. What we believe has influence over our health far more than we know. Dr. Remen reminds us, “It’s not necessary to live an easy life to live a good life.” She also makes a distinction between being cured and being healed. In these four programs selected from the New Dimensions Archive you’ll find hidden realities that can be profoundly beneficial to our healing. Included are the lessons that wisdom elder Marion Woodman has learned through cancer and how it changed her life, bringing wholeness and allowing soul to emerge. Also included is practical advice for preparing for surgery from Peggy Huddleson.

Soulwork And Illness
Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Program 2588
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As a medical doctor and Jungian analyst, Jean Bolen noticed a similarity between serious illness and deep psychoanalytical work. Both bring people into a personal “underworld” of fears and secrets. Uncovering these usually hidden realities can be profoundly healing. Here Bolen explains the processes that can turn pain into revelation. Read more »

Marion Woodman

Deep To The Bone 
with Marion Woodman, Ph.D.

Program 2847
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Woodman shares her story of “dying into life” through cancer. These quiet years allowed Woodman to delve deeper into her “bones” and gain insight into concepts of codependence, life transitions, addiction, spiritual practice, and surrendering. “I no longer waste my time with people who are into judgement and blame…their game is power and my game is love.” Read more »

 Healing Faster from Surgery
with Peggy Huddleston 

Program 2621
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Peggy Huddleston has conducted clinical research on the ways emotions and the human spirit enhance healing. She quotes from ground-breaking studies that support her five steps to healing and assist to avoid post-operative complications, experience less pain, speed your healing, shorten your hospital stay, and may possibly assist in completely avoiding surgery. Read more »

Rachel Naomi Remen

The Inner Power Of Healing
with Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Program 2596
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Remen’s insights from over forty years as a physician, as well as her personal experience of living with a chronic disease, will change the way you think and your ability to cope with illness in yourself or your loved ones. She suggests we can live well despite our illness and that there is a difference between being cured and being healed. Read more »


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