Spotlight: Longing for Spiritual Sustenance

POSTED October 13, 2021 IN

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Suggestions for finding spiritual food include: deep and intuitive listening, being in nature, poetry, maintaining wonder and awe, a writing practice, and many others. Listen to in-depth inspiration suggested by these wisdom leaders in these MP3s specially selected from the New Dimensions Program Archive.

Listening Is A Personal Pilgrimage 
with Mark Nepo

Program 3490
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Poet, spiritual thinker and author of Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, Nepo explores the many ways that deep listening is a matter of being changed by leaning into all we don’t understand. Intuitive listening requires us to still our minds until the beauty of things older than our minds can find us. He describes this kind of listening as “a process by which what matters moves between us.”  Read more »

Phil Cousineau

Thoughts To Get You Through The Night
with Phil Cousineau

Program 3492
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Cousineau tantalizes us with his understanding of how night is a powerful companion for creativity. The quiet rhythm of the night is a holy experience of soul. He describes how language and culture arose around the fires of our ancestors talking into the night. By sharing stories and poems he takes us from the contemplative, starry night to the enlightenment of early dawn.  Read more »

Thomas MooreWorking For Your Soul
with Thomas Moore, Ph.D.

Program 3246
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If your life is going along in a straight line there is little room for a creative change of direction. If you have a gnawing question about something better that might be waiting around the bend, Moore points to unexpected signs that it might help you make space to find fulfillment in a more creative direction in your life. Read more »

Mirabai StarrDigging A Deep Well To Our Spiritual Waters 
with Mirabai Starr

Program 3444
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Mirabai Starr is a spiritual ecstatic. She’s gone deep into embracing the practices of many faith traditions. Here she shares the wisdom she discovered on her interspiritual path. She’s the author of God of Love Read more »

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