Spotlight: The Shifting Scientific Paradigm: Epigenetics & More

POSTED February 10, 2021 IN

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From cellular biology to better health these four visionary researchers guide us into the territory of the new scientific paradigm that flips scientific materialism on its head and reveals the benefits in our everyday life.

Bruce Lipton

Controlling Your Genetic Blueprint 
with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Program 3093
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Bruce Lipton and other cellular biologists have discovered that our genetic blueprint is not static. While our genes do not change, the way they are expressed may be very much within our control. He tells us, “Cells need the brain to interpret the world and feed back to them what they should be doing to keep this whole system alive and floating.”  Read more »

Sondra Barrett

The Sacred Geometry of Our Cells
 Sondra Barrett, Ph.D.

Program 3475
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This dialogue blends the scientific study of cells with the mystical mystery they contain. We learn that cells can be our teachers, that they need community to survive, and how our emotions affect our cells. If we are worried or fearful, the body prepares us for fight or flight. The more we understand how our cells work, the more effectively we can live our lives.  Read more » 

You Are Not Your GeneticsKenneth Pelletier
with Kenneth Pelletier, M.D.

Program 3663
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What we eat, drink, breathe, our stress levels, our use of pharmaceuticals, our interaction with the immediate physical and social environment are all essential factors in genetic expression. Here Pelletier describes epigenesis as the new science that focuses on the changes we make in our lifestyle that can make a difference in the expression of our genes.  Read more » 

Mark Gober

A New Scientific Paradigm Where Consciousness is Fundamental and Matter Is Derived From It
with Mark Gober

Program 3664
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Here Gober talks about how scientific materialism is giving way to a new scientific paradigm where matter is derived from consciousness. He has compiled extensive research and gives numerous examples from many reputable physicists that turn the reigning scientific paradigm upside down and he indicates what this implies for our everyday lives.  Read more » 

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