Spotlight: The Timeless Wisdom of Marion Woodman

POSTED February 3, 2021 IN

Marion Woodman, Ph.D. (1928-2018) was a Canadian mythopoetic author and women’s movement figure. A Jungian analyst trained at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich, Switzerland. More than that, she’s truly one of the wisdom elders on whose shoulders countless others stand. Do not miss these inspiring dialogues she had with Michael Toms.


Marion WoodmanThe Eternal Feminine
with Marion Woodman, Ph.D.

Program #2380
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For both men and women, this dialogue offers tremendous insights into who we are and what we need. In fairy tales, Woodman explains, the hero needs a container in which to bring the hard-won treasure home, or else it may be lost or stolen. She tells us that container is the “eternal feminine” quality of being receptive instead of fearing and trying to control. Read more »


Marion WoodmanUnleashing The Soul
with Marion Woodman, Ph.D.

Program #2750
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Woodman believes that facing the intense power of your own heart is the only way to truly connect with other living things. She says we must not be “afraid of the intensity of opening ourselves to our real personhood.”  Her insight in analyzing ancient folk tales and applying them to current events is intriguing. She will inspire you to get out of your soul’s way. Read more »


Marion WoodmanShedding Light On The Dark Goddess
with Marion Woodman, Ph.D.

Program #2758
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Woodman reveals how to bring the transformative power of the feminine energy of life, death, and rebirth out of the oppression and mockery it has suffered for centuries. She cites her own experience of seeing a tulip after intense radiation for cancer: “It was so red it hurt. Tears ran down my eyes with its sheer beauty.” Read more »


Marion WoodmanDeep To The Bone
with Marion Woodman, Ph.D.

Program #2847
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Woodman shares her story of “dying into life” through cancer. These quiet years allowed Woodman to delve deeper into her “bones” and gain insight into concepts of co-dependence, life transitions, addiction, spiritual practice, and surrendering. “I no longer waste my time with people who are into judgment and blame…their game is power and my game is love.”  Read more »


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