Spotlight: A Potpourri of Christmas Selections

POSTED December 23, 2020 IN

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These program offerings begin with the most famous Christmas tale of all, Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. Cusumano revisions it as keys to a spiritual rebirth. We also offer a program about the joys of photography with renowned photographer David Ulrich. He says of photography, The more we become attentive to what’s outside of us, the more we are becoming aware of our own reactions and responses. I think when it comes to people, it naturally engenders greater empathy.” These programs are followed by cosmologist Jude Currivan sharing why physics matters in our daily lives. And the final program is with Buddhist teacher Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel talking about the continued genesis of appearance and experience. Her shorthand for this is “everything leans.”

 Scrooge Transformed
with Joseph D. Cusumano, Ph.D.

Program 2660
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Cusumano believes Dicken’s tale A Christmas Carol offers keys to a spiritual rebirth. As Scrooge found out, it’s a sad thing to die unloved and alone. Cusumano points out, “What a wonderful thing to die if you’re a person who has lived the life of a true man. For a true man, good deeds flow from the wound.”  Read more »

 Self-Discovery Through Photography
with David Ulrich

Program 3646
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Thanks to cell phones, photography is now the great democratic medium, one of the most important means of communication of the 21st century. This is a new order, in which images are made, seen, and shared immediately and globally without curation or censoring by editors or governments. We can participate in shaping the reality of this order.  Read more »

Program 3629
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Beginning with her experience of psychic phenomena from early childhood, Currivan was led on a quest of a life-long exploration of the nature of reality. Her research has come to show that information is as real as anything we call physical reality. Here we explore the reality of informational physics and why this matters in our daily lives. Jude Currivan is the author of The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation. Read more »

The F-Word: Reconsidering Faith
with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Program 3639
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Buddhist teacher Namgyel points out that “everything leans.” She frames this statement with the reminder, “[W]e live in a world where ‘it all depends’ and everything is influencing everything else. We might think we know something at one moment but everything is always interrupting and influencing and so it’s always changing. Life, as we know it, is very dynamic.”  Read more »

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