Spotlight: Coping With Chronic Stress

POSTED May 13, 2020 IN

It is not surprising that, during this pandemic, collectively we are having to face relentless amounts of stress. Here four wisdom leaders share techniques to help us with practical and insightful ways of coping.

Dean Sluyter

Living With Less Fear
with Dean Sluyter

Program 3644
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As we deal with the many successes and challenges of life, Sluyter guides us in understanding the benefits of natural meditation and shares that tuning into our inner luminous silence is actually what we are at our deepest core level. He says that love is a lack of otherness and reminds us that fear and love cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Read more »

Learning To Live With Uncertainty
with Estelle Frankel

Program 3612
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Frankel recommends that we not make a habit of focusing on the obstacles on our life paths. Rather, we should consider the open spaces before us as our guides. She further suggests that we designate some time each month to take a “wordfast” and points out that “Silence is a precious commodity and if we don’t create space for ourselves we’re going to drown in our words.”  Read more »

Gail Brenner

The Direct Route To Abiding Peace
with Gail Brenner, Ph.D.

Program 3551
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Brenner says we are not limited, damaged or inadequate. She critiques the self-help movement as perpetuating the idea that we are in need of fixing, and holds the provocative view that nothing needs to be changed or fixed to be happy. She posits that we have the capacity to spontaneously find inner peace by shedding the stories and negative emotions that cause us pain.  Read more »

Yvonne Tally

Reclaiming Our Time And Moving Away From Busy Behavior
with Yvonne Tally

Program 3659
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Moving away from busy behavior takes more than trying to just make a quick change. Tally explains why quick fixes aren’t sustainable. In order to truly reclaim our days from the hectic pace of busyness we need to find the value behind what we want to change. She shares some concrete processes to help us reclaim our overscheduled lives. Read more »

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