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A long-time listener and person who has downloaded dozens and dozens of New Dimensions programs has made a wonderful suggestion for us to highlight in a spotlight. Kelly Guiney said, “This morning I listened to the “When Our Faith Falters” interview Michael Toms did with the most beloved living patron saint of play and creativity, Julia Cameron. It was so wonderful that I am going to start devouring every book of hers that I can get from the library. It looks like there are several interviews with her in the New Dimensions archives. I think she is worthy of her very own spotlight, perhaps accompanied by one other creativity guru such as Natalie Goldberg.”

That is just what we’re doing. Here we feature four programs by two creativity cheerleaders to encourage us in our personal artistic expression.

 Unlocking Your Creativity
with Julia Cameron

Program 2591
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Here we explore some simple ways to find your inner voice and tap into your creativity. Cameron advises us to “make a date with the artist within you.” She talks about the negativity of “creative snipers” as well as the importance of “morning papers.” She believes, “each of us has a song … and the note we are straining to hear is our own true note.”  Read more »

 When Our Faith Falters
 Julia Cameron

Program 3381
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Most all of us have experienced times of spiritual confusion and disconnection from Divine Presence. Where do we turn when we’ve lost our faith and are overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness? Cameron has gone through such times. Here she reflects on how to rediscover what has spiritually inspired her and helped release her from an artistic block. Read more » 

The Zen of Writing Natalie Goldberg
with Natalie Goldberg

Program 2376
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Goldberg reveals stories of her life and many spiritual lessons she has gleaned along the way. She also shares how a writer becomes a writer and how the life process of a writer enriches and shines through their writings. She says, “Underneath it all everybody has a longing to express themselves, and to connect with themselves.”   Read more » 

Natalie Goldberg

No Limits: The Zen of Creativity
with Natalie Goldberg

Program 2662
MP3 Download
Buy here $1.99

With no formal instruction in either writing or painting, Goldberg credits Zen with teaching her “how to paint, how to write and how to be in the world.” Being present, paying attention, with no good or bad, creates the “freedom to paint the worst painting in America.” Discover that there are no limits to your creativity with a woman who inspires us all.   Read more »

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