Spotlight: The Spirit of Shamanism and Psychoactive Substances

POSTED December 5, 2018 IN

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Shamanism is one of the world’s most ancient and direct forms of religious experience and can be a viable technology for access to the intuitive wisdom within. Highlighted in this collection of programs specially selected from the New Dimensions archive, you’ll hear from wisdom teachers who point out that the spiritual dimension to reality is not inconsistent with the scientific view of reality. Also discussed are mystical experiences that delve into the use of psychoactive substances in both their original sacred contexts and in modern life as well as the power of practicing rituals to harness the sacred forces of the universe.


Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D.Shamanism, Spirituality and Altered States
with Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D.

Program 2228
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Walsh compares psychedelic and “genuine” mystical experiences and delves into the use of psychoactive substances in both their original sacred contexts and in modern life. He says shamanism may be “a viable technology for inducing altered states for allowing people to access the intuitive wisdom within.” Read more »


Terence McKennaReviving The Archaic: A New View Of Evolution
with Terence McKenna

Program 2268
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McKenna talks about integrating spirit with science and the role of psychoactive plants in human evolution. He boldly retells early human history, describing the role of “psychedelic shamanism” in early partnership societies, in the development of language and imagination, and in the past and future evolution of humanity. This is a mind-bending hour that ends too soon! Read more »

Program 3479
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Don Oscar tells us that ritual begets relationship, nature begets purpose, and love begets life. This gentle shaman has captured the essence of how we can sustain our sacred earth walk by practicing the ritual of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. This powerful practice can serve to help us build a life-long relationship with the sacred dimensions of life and all our relations. Read more »

Claude PonceletExploring The Intersection Between Science And Shamanism
with Claude Poncelet, Ph.D.

Program 3523
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Physicist Poncelet resides in two seemingly different worlds: the world of physics and the world of shamanism. He inspires us with the story of the universe as told by modern science and also reaffirms indigenous methods and wisdom that ancient spiritual traditions have always taught. Read more »

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