Spotlight: A Feast Of Wisdom with Five Trailblazers

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What survives death and where does consciousness reside? How does courage rate as one of the greatest virtues? How does telling and listening to stories help us grow our own faith? What is the “implicate order” that forms the basis for bridging science and spirit? These questions are just a few of the subjects covered by these 5 wisdom trailblazers on whose shoulders we stand as we explore creating a better world for all. You’ll want to hear all of them.

The Survival Of Consciousness
with Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D. and Willis Harman, Ph.D.

Program 2446
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This is a compelling dialogue with two researchers who have devoted their lives to exploring the questions related to survival of consciousness after death and experiences of non-ordinary consciousness. Read more »

 Making Magic in The World
with Maya Angelou

Program 1983
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Weaving a tapestry of her life’s journey, Dr. Maya Angelou takes us on a journey from the Deep South to the heart of Africa and back again. This gifted storyteller poignantly shares the memories of those mentors and teachers who profoundly influenced her life. She speaks of her voluntary muteness as a child. She also shares her insights on courage and compassion. Read more »

Billl Moyers

Genesis: A New View
with Bill Moyers

Program 2592
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Here Moyers discusses some of the controversies surrounding Genesis, the first book of the Bible, which, he points out, contains some of the most powerful stories in Western civilization. He says, “Stories are the way we organize our response to the world…Listening to others, and having them listen to you, is a way to grow your own faith.”  Read more »


Parts of a Whole
with David Bohm, Ph.D

Program 1785
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Theoretical physicist Bohm developed a theory of quantum physics that addresses both matter and consciousness as an unbroken whole. The late Bohm’s concept of “implicate order” provides a basis for bridging science to the realm of spirit. For two decades, he explored this possibility with religious philosopher J. Krishnamurti. Read more »