Spotlight: Tapping Into the Intelligence of the Universe

Graphic and composite by New Dimensions

From astrophysics to prayer, from a matrix of love to unified field, these wisdom leaders will provoke and stimulate your imagination. The chasm between the mysteries of the quantum world and our everyday experiences serve as the focus for these four programs specially selected from the New Dimensions archive.

Bathing In The Intelligent Force Of The Universe
with Gregg Braden

Program 3186
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At the crux of Braden’s experience is the observation, now scientifically verified, that there is an intelligent field of energy that bathes all of creation and connects everything in ways most of us in the West are only beginning to understand. Read more »

A Matrix Of Love
with John F. DeMartini

Program 3192
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DeMartini says, “We are really a blended complementation of opposites. When we see one or the other, we label ourselves happy or sad. When we see both of them we label ourselves grateful and loving.”  Read more »

 Shaping Our Beauty
with Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. 

Program 3376
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Biologist Hannaford suggests that when we are conscious and aware in the present moment, we can receive more subtle information from the field, respond to actual conditions more appropriately, and rewire ourselves toward greater capacity. Read more »

God Is Alive And Well In The Cosmos
with Bernard Haisch, Ph.D.

Program 3159
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Scientist and former priest Haisch says, “I see God as a macro-designer, one whose ideas become the laws of physics.” He presents a theory of how the gap between science and religion is thinner than one might believe. Read more »