Spotlight: Opening the Doorway to our “Heartmind” – The Wholistic Approach

POSTED June 7, 2017 IN

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Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern describes ”heartmind” as an entwinement of our head, the cognizing, logical, reasoning intelligence, and our heart, the feeling intuitive, emotive intelligence. He exhorts us to turn our heartmind into our home – a place to live that is safe – and encourages us to welcome our emotions, whatever they may be, and then let them go. It is about having a relationship with our own mind. He speaks of a transformational activist as one who practices a kind of wholistic approach. It is the balancing of three levels of awareness: the personal, the interpersonal, and the collective. These four programs, selected from our archive, feature wisdom teachers Ethan Nichtern, Gregg Levoy, Dean Sluyter, and Gail Brenner, who explore our rightful inheritance of vitality, and how we may reclaim our passion.

Gregg LevoyAwe And Wonder – Keys To Living A Passionate Life
with Gregg Levoy

Program 3539
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A sense of wonder is an active ingredient in a passionate life. Even suffering and restlessness can be seen with curiosity, says Levoy. Making space in our minds for the unknown, and allowing creativity to flow, he says, can keep us from being pulled into the “burden of purpose.” Levoy talks of the powerful effects of small actions and the importance of saying “yes.” Read more »

Dean SluyterThe Many Vehicles Of Meditation
with Dean Sluyter

Program 3540
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Sluyter says not to worry about thoughts during our meditation; they are inevitable. Often we must deal with such sounds as voices or traffic rolling by. He instructs that, “It’s all a texture of the silence, which actually you are at your core. It’s just resting in what you are in your own essence.” He also suggests that we find the meditation style that suits us. Read more »

Ethan NichternAwake-ism: The Heartmind of Buddhism
with Ethan Nichtern

Program 3550
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“Awake-ism,” in Nichtern’s view, means to be aware, open, and compassionate. He looks at Buddhist thought as a psychological, philosophical, and ethical system that can be useful for anyone. His advice for living in these times is to maintain our awareness as we move between very personal spaces and collective spaces. Read more »

Gail BrennerThe Direct Route to Abiding Peace
with Gail Brenner, Ph.D.

Program 3551
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Brenner says we are not limited, damaged or inadequate. She critiques the self-help movement as perpetuating the idea that we are in need of fixing, and holds the provocative view that nothing needs to be changed or fixed to be happy. She posits that we have the capacity to spontaneously find inner peace by shedding the stories and negative emotions that cause us pain.  Read more »

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