Spotlight: Igniting a Sense of Place: Know Your Neighborhood

POSTED April 5, 2017 IN

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More and more we have become isolated from one another. Even though we are more connected than ever through such technology as social media, increasingly we are living in an age of loneliness. The work of becoming connected begins locally – in our own neighborhoods. Here are four programs specially selected from our archives that speak to a sense of place and how we can increase our connection with our community, our history of place, and the people who inhabit it.

John Lane

The Practice of Settlement, Finding A Sense Of Place
with John Lane

Program #3254
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Lane drew a circle on a map that represented a one-mile radius from his home, and explored every facet of the place including the topography, history, ancient and current citizenry, and industry. This exploration sharpened his sense of place, and serves as a model for how we might look at our own homes, terrain, and communities. Read more »

Gary KamiyaDiscovering The Place Where You Live
with Gary Kamiya

Program #3513
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Kamiya drove a cab for 7 years in San Francisco. But he says to truly know your town you must do some “systematic flitting.” He describes this as walking around and “letting the city come to you as you maintain a sense of discovery and wonderment…Then you are motivated to start doing some research…The more you delve in, the more fascinating things you find.” Read more »

Peter BergReinhabit Your World
with Peter Berg

Program #2742
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How much do you know about your neighborhood? Noted ecologist Peter Berg will ignite your curiosity about what bioregionalism is, and encourage you to inhabit the region in which you live. It is his experience that this endeavor ignites joy and wonder, and establishes a connection to nature for which everyone is starved. Read more »

 Tales From The Roadside 
with Bruce Moody

Program #3023
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It is said “we belong to one another.” and this includes the man or family that stands by the roadside with a sign “Hungry and Homeless, Anything Helps.” Tune into a first-hand account of the patience, persistence, and moxie it takes to stand on a street corner and ask for help. Read more »

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