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Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D. is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, and an internationally known author and speaker. She brings emphasis to the question for meaning and the need for a spiritual dimension in life to all aspects of her work, while also taking into account the powerful effects of archetypes within us, and of family and culture upon us. Here we have collected some of the deep dialogues we’ve had with Bolen through the years. They cover such diverse subjects as how serious illness takes you to the “underworld”, how solutions evolve out of grassroots conversations, the mystical quality of trees, how the Artemis archetype inspires us to be a strong voice for what is right and good in these troubled times, and much more. These programs are specially selected from the New Dimensions Archives.


Jean Shinoda BolenSoulwork And Illness
with Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Program #2588
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As a medical doctor and Jungian analyst, Jean Bolen noticed a similarity between serious illness and deep psychoanalytical work: both bring people into a personal “underworld” of fears and secrets. Uncovering these usually hidden realities can be profoundly healing. Here Bolen explains the processes that can turn pain into revelation. Read more »

Jean Shinoda BolenUrgent Message: Gather The Women
with Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Program #3101
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Informed by the Sacred Feminine, which both women and men embody into consciousness and culture, Bolen wants every child in the world to be wanted, to be fed, to be safe, to have healthcare. She speaks of realms of empathy, connectedness, and nurturing, and how, at this time, our world needs the combined qualities of each of these. Read more »

Jean Shinoda BolenStanding By Trees, Women, And Girls
with Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Program #3395
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Trees are our essential partners in life on this planet. Not only are they indispensable to our wellbeing, they are sacred. Bolen’s thwarted efforts to save a magnificent Monterey Pine tree in her yard from those who wanted to have a better view moved her to look at the anatomy and physiology of trees as well as the archetypal and sacred symbols they represent. Read more »

Jean Shinoda BolenCalling On The Spirit Of Artemis
with Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Program #3514
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The Greeks have given us a wealth of complex folklore and myths that are full of meaning for our lives. Among them are the stories of the Goddess Artemis and her human counterpart, Atalanta. They give us clues as to how to navigate the zig-zags of life. While demonstrating that life never unfolds in a straight line, the Greek myths give us inspiration to live into our fullness. Read more »



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