Spotlight: Transforming Our Life Through Writing

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Through the years many guests on New Dimensions have expounded on the joys and benefits of writing and journaling. They know firsthand how this self-expression can enrich our self-knowledge, open us to our innate creativity, and turn our suffering into healing. These four programs, specially selected from the New Dimensions archive, will inspire you to keep on writing. And, if you don’t think you can write, they will help you to get started on this magical journey.

Writing Away the Sadness
with Elizabeth Schaefer, Ph.D.

Program #3280
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For many years, Schaefer suffered from bipolar disorder and depression. Hospitalization, medication, and electric shock therapy left her exhausted but still depressed. She then began to write about it and became acquainted with the language of her own emotion. It allowed her to have power over her illness. Read more »

Catherine Ann JonesHealing Through Focused Journaling
with Catherine Ann Jones

Program #3500
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Jones gives practical advice as to how we can engage in deep inner work through focused journaling. She shares exercises that can act as powerful tools in reframing the pieces of our past and our life stories so that suffering becomes meaningful and can boost our healing, empowerment, growth, and transformation. Read more »

Natalie GoldbergThe Zen Of Writing
with Natalie Goldberg

Program #2376
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Goldberg reveals stories of her life and many spiritual lessons she has gleaned along the way. She also shares how a writer becomes a writer and how the life process of a writer enriches and shines through their writings. She says, “Underneath it all everybody has a longing to express themselves, and to connect with themselves.” Read more »

Gabriele RicoUnleashing The Inner Writer
with Gabriele Rico

Program #1801
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If you have ever harbored dreams of being a writer, Gabriele Rico encourages us all to unleash our inner-writer and provides a wealth of information on how to unlock our own innate creativity and write the novel, poem, or Pulitzer Prize-winning postcard of your dreams. Read more »

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