Spotlight: Seeing More Deeply through the Power of Poetry

POSTED December 23, 2015 IN
New Dimensions Spotlight

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Poetry invites us all to awaken to vision, our own creative energies, and the Divine Imagination. Why are beauty and silence necessary for you to have a joyful and meaningful life? Why does Rumi’s poetry continue to move us in this post-modern era? How does poetry support us in life’s most challenging transitions? How does poetry inform the mythic unfolding of our daily lives? The answers to these and many other questions are explored with these four wisdom masters as they share with us in these MP3s specially selected from the New Dimensions program archive.


Coleman BarksRumi: Poet Of Divine Ecstasy
with Coleman Barks

Program #2013
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Drunk with the Divine, Rumi wrote 
twenty thousand poems expressing mystical, ineffable love for God. “There is a ferocity in his longing that maybe we don’t understand,” says Barks. Listen in and understand a little better. This is a wondrous, exhilarating look at the exultant poetry of Jelaluddin Rumi, the thirteenth-century Sufi poet, with Coleman Barks. Read more »


Jane HirshfieldPoetry: The Unfolding Of What Is Hidden
with Jane Hirshfield

Program #3410
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Poet Hirshfield points out that many people turn to poetry at great life transitions. Here she reads some of her poems and talks of the inspiration from which they come, and why their metaphors and images speak to us and move us beyond our rational minds and our busy intellect. Read more »


Kim RosenPoetry: Medicine For The Soul
with Kim Rosen, MFA

Program #3317
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Learn how poetry gives us solace in our darkest hours and lifts our spirits, with Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words. As you listen to Ms. Rosen recite her own favorite passages, you’ll feel a shamanic power speaking to your unconscious at a level beyond where any mere words can reach. Read more »


John ODonohueEmbracing Beauty
with John O’Donohue

Program #3084
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In our busy, goal-oriented society we often think of beauty as a luxury. Like so many things that bring us joy – imagination, intimate conversation, moments of silence – we treasure beauty when it appears, then hurry on to more important tasks. In the lyrical language of a poet, O’Donohue points to the value of beauty in difficult times. Read more »

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