Spotlight: Science, Theology, and Our Relationship with God

POSTED November 11, 2015 IN
New Dimensions Spotlight

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These four programs selected from the New Dimensions archive will take you into some of our deepest questions about our relationship with God: what is effective prayer, how we are quantum beings, how we co-create with the universe, do angels exist, what is the split between science and spirit, the importance of wonder and awe and much, much more.

Michelle ProsserGrowing Into A Bigger Version Of God
with Michelle Prosser

Program #3261
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We are given images of God as a stern father but not a nurturing mother. We can’t define God; God is God and is vast and indescribable. Prosser encourages us to tap into our own personal archetype of God, one that speaks to us and allows us to connect with that greater reality. But do it in a way that honors how incredibly precious we are in that relationship. Read more »


Bernadette RobertsThe Passion Of Grace
with Bernadette Roberts

Program #2276
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After spending nine years in a Catholic convent, Bernadette Roberts went on to earn degrees in philosophy and education, start a Montessori school, and raise four children. Here she shares the nature of self and its relationship with God, the action of grace in our lives, the spiritual value of suffering, the meaning of the Virgin Mary, the purpose of prayer, and more. Read more »


Dana ZoharQuantum Consciousness
with Danah Zohar

Program #2508
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What are the implications of quantum theory for mystical spirituality? This conversation covers a broad range of topics such as the nature of human consciousness, physical reality, God, creativity, social activity, the future of science, and more. Zohar says the vast implications of being quantum people makes us full members and partners in this universe. Read more »


Fr. Matthew FoxRupert SheldrakeAngels: Where Science Fears To Tread
with Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.
& Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

Program #2593
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How does modern physics parallel and transform the concept of angels? How did a split between science and spirit come about, and how are the two being reconnected? What is the importance of wonder and awe in scientific study? The answers to these and many other questions are explored in this dynamic conversation between a scientist and a theologian/priest. Read more »

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