Spontaneous Remission For A Terminally Ill Planet with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. & Steve Bhaerman

Steve-BhaermanBruce LiptonEvery day, it appears, the news about climate change is worse, as is the precarious balance of global politics. We seem bent on destruction, and it’s often difficult to see how we can possibly turn things around before it’s too late. But as bad as things are, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman see our dire state as evidence of an evolutionary shift, as profound as the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. The earth and its biosphere is a living entity, they say, and our human species has the power to generate a cosmic transition to a new way of being based on community and harmony. Sound too good to be true? Cellular biologist Lipton brings has the science to back it up, and Mr. Bhaerman gives us the prescription for change. As he explains, “Our responsibility as a cell in the human system, in the body politic, is that we make a contribution and that we take care of ourselves as we take care of one another. If we are all tuned to the fact that life works better when there’s goodness, then that’s a good place to start.”



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