Restoring Meaning And Dignity To End-Of-Life Care with Katy Butler

 We live in a time when advanced medicine can give us the ability to live longer and longer but ultimately death is a reality. Advanced medicine, most especially conveyor-belt medicine, is not set up to prepare us for a peaceful death. The final reality of death is unavoidable but the path to it is unpredictable. No matter how much we want to control things, disabilities can arise suddenly in the form of heart attacks, strokes, or accidents to name a few. Or, we can find ourselves in the thrall of Western medicine when we or a loved one gets a diagnosis of a disease such as cancer or another prolonged illness. This deep dialogue addresses how we can remain clearheaded about our choices and when we should say enough is enough and choose, as best we can, to die well. Most of us agree that we can use some guidance in this area. This program is filled with specific advice and resources for the patient and the caregivers about dying with dignity. Butler advises us to not wait for a health crisis to consider our wishes about dying and to have conversations with our friends and loved ones in advance. She says, “Rather than waiting for health crisis, start with the shallow end of the pool and explore what gives your life joy, what gives your life meaning, what are your fears? What medical treatments would you not want if you felt you couldn’t do the things that make your life worth living?”




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