Redeeming the Body and Its Hungers with Self-Love with David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW

David Bedrick has been called a detective of the human heart and the human spirit and a detective of the language of our bodies and how they are speaking to us—not pathologically—but with deep intelligence. In this deep dialogue we explore body-weight, diet, shame, and deep hunger. It does not feature any theory of weight loss. It does not include the seven steps, phases, or foods that will help guide our diet strategy. However, it does explore an alternative to looking at our bodies through the lens of the brutal forces of cultural bias that highlight the personal shaming that tears down the expression of our intelligence, power, and beauty. Here he gives many examples of women he’s worked with. Bedrick says, “You cannot replace your hunger with just anything; it must be something that has the right taste, what you’re really hungry for… Not so you can just lose weight, but so you can attain your best possible life, so you can live the expression of your nature, your authentic self.”

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