Reclaiming Scripture to Heal a Broken World with Rev. Jennifer Butler

 Whether you are a Christian, a Jew, belong to any other denomination, or have no religious affiliation, you may be surprised to know that the Bible represents generations of faith communities who resisted tyranny in impossible circumstances when the future looked bleak. Rev. Butler offers a look at Scripture with new eyes to help us see and discern what the biblical stories have to say about the overall arc of Scripture as a call to resist tyranny. Here she illuminates those unifying truths that are at the heart of so many of our faith and moral philosophical traditions. She points out that God is showing how to live together in a way that is the opposite of tyranny and teaches, ”[H]ow to love your neighbor . . . [H]ow to welcome the stranger . . . [H]ow to honor the Sabbath. Rabbis have taught me that the Sabbath was the first labor law, the idea that you didn’t have to work seven days a week, and that we should honor human dignity through rest.” Butler also highlights the many women in the Bible who were first to resist the tyranny of unjust rulers.

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