Reclaiming Illness and Death as Natural Parts of Life with BJ Miller, M.D.

 Statistics show that only 10 to 20% of us will die without warning. That means most of us have a choice as to how to orient ourselves for the inevitable. Where we will die and, most importantly, how to spend time meanwhile. Next to birth, death is one of our most profound experiences. Dying is not without its pain but it can be meaningful and we can decide to be more aware and more conscious in how we orient ourselves toward the inevitable end of our lives. Dr. Miller suggests that we need to be clear on our “goals of care.” Miller says, “[Death is] sad but for the most part it’s also really life affirming. When you come to terms with this body’s life is finite, then you start taking time seriously and you stop squandering your time. You start appreciating what you have while you have it. This is the secret that a lot of hospice providers know and that’s why a lot of hospice providers are actually very happy people filled with life.” The main takeaway in this deep dialogue is to “participate” and to free up as much of life as possible until we die. Miller holds our hand as he covers such subjects as practical advice on the medical, legal, logistical, and emotional aspects of an event that awaits us all. 

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