Reawakening The Spirituality Of Men with Father Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

Fr. Matthew FoxMatthew Fox has had his finger on the pulse of western spirituality for decades. When he casts his keen eye on the state of spirituality among men in the twenty-first century, you can be sure he’ll discern the unspoken woundedness, yearning, and passion of the modern warrior. He explains, “The modern age taught us that the universe was a machine, that the sky was just a junkyard for inert, mechanical, cold, dead parts. So man had to hunker down to fit into the boxes that the industrial revolution offered us. This is one of the main reasons for the violence that’s grown in the male heart and psyche in the last two or three hundred years.” But, he says, that’s all about to change, as men begin to claim their role as protectors of Mother Earth. He encourages men to redefine the way they relate to the planet, their children, even their sexuality. Dr. Fox’s vision is one of hope and imagination, and a masculine spirituality that is about “living your life out of your deep values system and your deepest experiences of joy and grief and the struggle for justice.”

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