Presence: Inhabiting Our Humanness with Mark Nepo

Mark NepoMark Nepo speaks of being wholehearted as being present to our lives so that we become an open conduit to experience everything that’s larger than our finite self. He says, “By one act of compassion, we experience all compassion.” He goes on to talk about being present and being absent. He says, “When I’m present, I see differently, hear differently, know differently. And that gives me different choices, tools, and resources. . . . Often we’re absent out of fear.. . . So often when we hide, we are empowering what we are afraid of so much that we cut off our direct connection . . . Only when we are clear on what we stand on can we see what’s possible and what’s available.” Within this conversation you’ll find many gems of wisdom such as, “Being spiritual is inhabiting our humanness so thoroughly that the part of the universe that lives in me comes out and connects with the part of the universe that lives in you and lives in the tree out there and lives in the water in this glass right here. It doesn’t matter what we call it.” 

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