A Premonition About Premonitions with Larry Dossey, M.D.

Larry DosseyMore than half the population has reported having a dream or intuition that later came true. Larry Dossey has examined thousands of anecdotes along with the growing mountain of research, and brings amazing stories, compelling data, and fascinating theories about what it all means for us as individuals, and as a species. You’ll hear about the fifteen choir members who just happened to show up late the night the church exploded, and the woman who won the lottery because of a dream premonition—twice. But for Dr. Dossey these are much more than great water cooler stories. Collectively, he sees them as one more clue that we’re all connected, each of us part of a great continuum that extends beyond space and time. He explains, “We are agonizing our way into a new model of consciousness. We’re going to finally outlive this materialistic, reductionistic idea of equating consciousness purely with the brain. There are many categories of evidence favoring premonitions. We’re going to have a model of consciousness that is nonlocal, pointing toward immortality, eternality, and an essentially spiritual view of who we are.”




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