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A Message from Justine Willis Toms

Power up your imagination with New Dimensions program guests as we continue to bring the most inspiriting, impelling, and practical programming available on the planet. As so many of us are practicing “Sheltering in Place” it is important that we keep ourselves nourished in many ways: staying in touch with friends and family, eating well with fruits and vegetables and plenty of water, washing hands often, walking in fresh air . . .you know the drill.

However, there is another essential activity. We must nourish our mental and emotional body. New Dimensions offers such nourishment with over 1500 programs that can be downloaded.

Or by subscribing to our 2 podcasts.

Revive yourself with the substantial New Dimensions roster of guests. As you know our special programming is unlike any other in that it lifts us out of despair, widens our field of vision, and encourages us to join the tribe of life-long learners. New Dimensions has the quality of keeping us in the position of an ever-widening landscape. It keeps us from setting up our tent in the village of despair and hopelessness. We don’t know the outcome of this journey, but we know it will be more amazing as we continue to walk it together.

Now it’s your move to partner us with a financial contribution.

I’m asking you to consider making a financial contribution at this time to keep these most vibrant deep dialogues beaming out to a world that is hungry for a substantial media diet. If you are like me, you find your email and mailboxes are cluttered with political ads and other requests for financial aid, which cause us to suffer from a sort of attention fatigue. New Dimensions is an antidote to that weariness.

I want to THANK YOU in advance for being such a powerful partner and supporter of the New Dimensions broadcasts. Your most generous contributions are a MAJOR help in New Dimensions overall financial health.

It’s my most sincere hope that you will respond positively to this request with your financial contribution, because New Dimensions is making a big difference in people’s lives because of you.

Stay safe and be well,



Justine Willis Toms
Co-Founder, Volunteer Executive Director & Host


You may want to set up a MONTHLY DONATION. To set up a secure and reliable RECURRING donation, please call Justine Toms at 707-468-5215.  If you reach her voicemail please leave a message, and she will call you back as soon as she can.  Thank you for your support of New Dimensions.

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