Our Primary Connection With Divine Mind with Stephen G. Post, Ph.D.

Stephen G. PostPost shows us an example of noticing and following the synchronicities that come to us as guiding stepping-stones for our life path. He tells of a reoccurring dream he had as a teenager and of his mentor Dr. Rev. Rod Welles who recognized the dream as prophetic. His dream was fulfilled years later when he traveled west from New York to San Francisco and talked a man out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He told the man, “I know this is crazy to think but I actually believe maybe I came all the way out here just to have this encounter with you right now on this bridge and this was meant to happen … I came all the way across the country and, for some reason or another, everything worked out perfectly because here I am with you in this sacred moment.” Post feels that this dream and this moment are part of what he calls “Divine Mind”. He describes it as “[A] very mysterious and powerful thing that’s totally beyond time and place.” Post shares many experiences demonstrating how things come into existence because the thermodynamic constants of the universe are set up in such a way as to give rise to spiritual life forms and that God is the underlying ultimate reality of everything that exists, both seen and unseen. Post says, “The next evolution is the I thou [relationship], the divine in others and treat them with love and empathic respect … Contribute to the lives of another person [because] we are all part of this same consciousness. [Therefore] I am, in some sense, also contributing to myself and that’s the beauty of it. You get into what I call the ‘giver’s glow’ ”. This deep dialogue is filled with awesome stories to fill your heart with inspiration and wonder.

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