Our Multiplicity of Selves with James Fadiman, Ph.D. and Jordan Gruber, J.D.


 What is the dynamic nature of personality? Do each of us consist of distinct, autonomous, and inherently valuable selves? Are we an unruly republic of independent entities, a multiplicity of selves? In this dialogue we explore how we discover, honor, and work with each of these selves. Fadiman and Gruber describe the benefits of being in the right mind at the right time. “We like to say that you want to learn how to shift consciously and proactively into a better self rather than being triggered. An example is: If you’re about to have the same argument you always have with your friend or partner…It’s not going to work. You can feel yourself rising into the self that wants to grapple confrontationally but if you know that that’s a real part of you but you don’t have to give it sway right now, you can shift into a kinder self. Your life will be a lot better.” In this dialogue you’ll discover how awareness heals as we become aware of the reality of our own selves and the selves of others. 

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