New Dimensions Needs Your Help at this Critical Time

“There’s so much news out there that you can’t trust and so many news outlets that are online that are trying to spin what’s happening in a sensational way. It can be very exhausting. But on New Dimensions you’re going to get information that’s honest and authentic. You’ll hear a dialogue that will move you, inspire you to make a difference, and to do something new in your life. I urge you to support New Dimensions. There aren’t many news outlets, talk shows, and podcasts like this out there that really will make a difference for your life. Please do consider supporting New Dimensions.”

Zen Honeycutt said this about The value of New Dimensions.
She’s Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America
and author of Unstoppable: Transforming Sickness and Struggle
into Triumph, Empowerment and a  Celebration of Community


 I understand that, like me, your in-box is filled with solicitations from many worthy causes. Scores of listeners have described this transformational broadcasting endeavor toward the betterment of life as an effective cause well worth financial support. I’m counting on you, who cherish and appreciate the work of New Dimensions, to help us come through this critical time.

As you know, the program series continues to be relevant as it delivers a treasure trove of brilliant and consequential deep dialogues. However, we’re getting lost in the “clutter” of new entries into this cyber-field. We can fix that!

I’ve been working with diligence on a strategy to move this extraordinary library of wisdom out of the eddy and into the mainstream flow of the podcasting river to reach out to new listeners, pointing them to this on-going, precious, and relevant resource.

I’m excited to be negotiating with several outstanding organizations that can help push New Dimensions into that main river flow. However, this new initiative is straining our existing resources. I’m counting on you who know and appreciate this undertaking to be a partner in assisting in this most critical project.

 Your donation to this nonprofit organization is tax-deductible. . . Thank you for your partnership!


Justine Willis Toms
Co-founder, Creative Producer, Host