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Ron Pevny“I’ve been listening to New Dimensions for nearly 40 years and it has been important to me and I know to many others. The media today is feeding us messages of fear and greed which does not give us a compelling vision for what’s possible for us as humanity and for a healthy planet. We need programs like New Dimensions that can articulate a vision with luminaries who see what’s possible. New Dimensions presents a positive vision that we can embrace and which is so critically needed in the world today.”

Ron Pevny is founder and director of the
Colorado-based Center for Conscious Eldering
and author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging:
Embrace & Savor Your Next Chapter
(Atria Paperback 2014)

Justine Willis TomsI can’t help but get excited when I see the variety of programs that are being downloaded from the New Dimensions programming archive on our website. Listeners are sleuthing around and finding awesome gems. As you know, the archive represents “timeless wisdom.” Most programs are not specific to a certain time and place. They go deeper than that. They reach down into a river of wisdom that flows beneath all the isms and ideologies, beneath all the shoulds and should nots, beneath all the clutter of post-modern life, into the well of wisdom that informs us on a most profound level.

Please support the on-going broadcasting efforts of New Dimensions Radio with a financial, tax-deductible donation. We have wonderful thank you gifts we’d love to send to you. For $250 or more we will send to you a USB flashdrive loaded with all the programs that aired on New Dimensions in 2016 and more.

Also, please let others know of this audio treasure-trove. It means a lot to us and to others to know that this deep archive of wisdom is available.

Thank you,



Justine Willis Toms
Cofounder, Host
Author of Small Pleasures:
Finding Grace in a Chaotic World

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