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Larry Dossey


“New Dimensons has helped me shape my life as I know it will yours too.  Join me by pledging your support now.”

Larry Dossey, author of
The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives



Justine Willis TomsWe began sitting down with Dr. Larry Dossey in 1982 and have continued to produce deep dialogues with him in every decade since then. Although some of the earlier dialogues are not available yet because they have not been digitized, the more recent ones can be found on our website. If you agree with Larry that your life has been moved in a positive direction from something you heard on New Dimensions, won’t you please support this broadcasting endeavor? New Dimensions has been described as sharing the history of the future because it often broadcasts ideas, information, and inspiration long before they are accepted by mainstream culture. You get to hear it first on New Dimensions.

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