Miraculous Help For Special Needs Children with Anat Baniel

Anat BanielHaving a child with special needs puts enormous demands on the parent and other caregivers. It creates extraordinary challenges that none of us are ever prepared to take on. Anat Baniel suggest “Don’t let fear and uncertainty dictate either the goals you set for your child or the path you take in trying to help him or her attain those goals.” There are ways to harness the extraordinary capacity of the brain to re-wire itself for healing. Anat Baniel has created an extraordinary and effective process that leads to the improvement of brain functioning and that, in turn, translates to an improvement in motor and cognitive skills of the special needs child or adult. She has found the key to engaging the miraculous capacities of the brain to change and heal. She has found ways to access the brain own plasticity and has demonstrated over and over seemingly miraculous transformations. She says, “When the brain gets information it needs it will organize that information . . . [and it] starts forming new connection at a ridiculously fast pace.”


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