Meeting Every Moment without Fear or Worry with Guy Finley

Guy FinleyWe all get into ruts of the mind. Our mind turns a thought around and around without going any place. How may we cultivate the courage to wake up, to let go, to start over? We often turn away from those things we don’t like about ourselves, we have regrets, and we repress our feelings. Philosopher and teacher Guy Finley encourages us to not turn away from accepting those things we don’t like about ourselves. He says, “The things that I can discover in myself, that I have the courage to see, become integrated in the moment of their discovery. And it is the integration of this consciousness that we call rebirth; that we call creative life. . . The world is always hitting us. No moment takes place where we aren’t struck by something. Can I be there, and be willing to discover a new me that I didn’t know, through the interaction?” Finley’s provocative findings will leave you with a fresh view of yourself, and your self-doubting and self-limiting thoughts. He tells us these limitations are not part of our “original equipment.”

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