Life is for Celebrating – It is an Evolutionary Imperative


As we are awashed by a deluge of negative news, I am more and more convinced that along with deepening our understanding of the perilous times in which we are living, we must also include a celebration of life.

R Buckminster Fuller

William McDonough

When we fail to celebrate, we fail to notice those special moments that fill us with joy, however fleeting. I’m struck by something that architect William (Bill) McDonough said to me and Michael Toms some years ago. We were standing on his front porch looking out at a magnificent spring unfolding before us. Michael mentioned a quote from R. (Bucky) Buckminster Fuller, “Form follows function.” Bill thought for a moment and added, “Form follows function; function follows evolution; and evolution follows celebration.” Bill went on to add “It’s not about survival of the fittest. It’s about those who celebrate the most being the true evolutionary winners. Nature is all about fierce celebration”

Those of you who are regular listeners to New Dimensions participate with us every week in a celebration of life as we talk about things that matter. Our hearts are lifted up by the inspiring voices that stimulate our imagination and encourage each of us to keep walking the path and making our contribution to what we know is right and good for the benefit of all life on this precious planet.

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