Liberating Yourself Into Open-Hearted Awareness with Loch Kelly, M.Div. LCSW

Loch Kelly

Loch Kelly uses the metaphor of computer software when talking about an awareness-based way of living and operating. He says, “It’s not a matter of just having these momentary meditation states of freedom and peace of mind. You can actually live from non-conceptual awareness based on an open-hearted sense of being rather than feeling your only option is to live from ego because you’ll be safer. . . the freedom that we’re seeking is already here. It’s already installed; it’s already part of the nature of our human condition. It may even be prior to our human condition in consciousness itself. . .It is a type of awareness available that’s already effortlessly able to focus, that already feels interconnected, that feels a sense of well-being, and a kind of non-fear, non-shame, non-worry and yet is alert and clear. It is an awareness that has access to all of our memories and functioning abilities but it’s a completely different way of feeling about ourselves and therefore a different way of relating to others in the world.” He goes on to describe open-hearted awareness as a direct experience of our interconnectedness and the feeling of being held by the same essence that holds all life. It is a dynamic place that sparkles with life. Kelly says that some describe it as “a child on the first day of summer vacation.” It is beyond head-knowing. It taps into a deeper source of intelligence and wisdom.

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