Jack Kornfield Urges You To Support New Dimensions

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Jack Kornfield“New Dimensions is one of the great treasures of the broadcasting world. It has been the voice of transformation of consciousness in the culture for over four decades and has brought to us the best thinkers, the most amazing stories, and the great possibilities of transformation of the individual and society. It has done so through the brilliant work of Michael and Justine Toms. New Dimensions has been the cataloger, the keeper of flame of so many of the greatest teachers over the last half of the 20th century, like Joseph Campbell, Krishnamurti, and R. Buckminster Fuller. To have an organization and individuals committed to keeping the flame of intelligence and compassion and human potential alive and to document it, to put it out publicly, and to be the repository of this wisdom is a tremendous gift. I consider New Dimensions to be an American treasure. I urge you all to support it.”

Jack Kornfield, guest on New Dimensions,
teacher, author of A Lamp in the Darkness:
Illuminating the Path Through Difficult Times
and The Wise Heart

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