Igniting And Sustaining Your Genius with Michael Gelb, Ph.D.

Michael GelbHow can we keep that sparkle and lively energy that we enjoyed as a child? Gelb suggests it can be done by raising our qi or vital energy. He has some simple practices that can immediately turn our low energy into exuberance. He says, “Some people had that energy when they were younger but the pilot light has gone…I’ve put together the most essential, most powerful, most useful things I’ve learned in my life about how you can develop a creative mind set, and how you can supercharge these most powerful, creative tools [by raising your] Qi.” This, he says, goes beyond changing our mood, it relates to our creativity. He suggests several ways to enhance our creativity, such as the use of mind maps and knowing the difference between a fixed mindset and a creative mindset. He also goes into detail about what he calls the five aspects of the creative tool-kit: preparation, generation, incubation, evaluation, and implementation.

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