Healing Through Focused Journaling with Catherine Ann Jones

Catherine Ann JonesJones gives practical advice as to how we can engage in deep inner work through focused journaling. She shares exercises that can act as powerful tools in reframing the pieces of our past and our life stories, so that suffering becomes meaningful and can boost our healing, empowerment, growth, and transformation. She encourages us to find our authentic gifts and to be awake to allies who come in unexpected ways. She says they come in many forms. “It could be an invisible ally, it could be a dream, it could be a book falling off a shelf giving you just what you need to know at that time, or it could be a stranger you happen to meet that will say something that points you to clues as you go through your own adventure.” She shares how we can begin to understand the archetypes, metaphors and images that are guiding our lives and if we want to change our lives we must change our guiding and, often times, unconscious metaphors.

Program #3500 Description

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