The Healing Powers Of Cats And Dogs with Carlyn Montes De Oca

Montes De Oca describes how she became guardian of many rescue animals. She uses the term “guardian” instead of the more common term “pet owner” because, “We are here together and I think of guardianship in terms of our environment, in terms of our world. I think it’s a healthier place in many ways to come from instead of ownership. . . I started applying that term not only to my dogs but to my stepchildren. I never liked stepmom but guardian somehow made it feel like it’s more of an allowing place.” She goes on to share with us the “superpowers” that dogs and cats have that can help us on many levels: mind, body, and spirit. She encourages us to consider volunteering at an animal shelter, which will not only benefit the animals but has great health benefits for us as well. She also has many creative ideas for how to choose an animal that fits our lifestyle, and even ideas as to how to “share” dogs or cats and be able to spread out the responsibility and the financial expense of them. She shares this powerful statement with us: “Think of the side effect of having a companion animal in your home. A side effect of unconditional love, companionship, friendship, loyalty, kindness. If somebody were to give you a medication for all those things, how much would you pay for that? Here are these perfectly adoptable, wonderful animals . . . I would say please adopt and don’t shop.”

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