Healing And Repairing Relationship, An Ongoing Process with Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

Susan Campbell

Dr. Campbell offers practical advice for repairing our love relationships while also healing our inner wounds. We learn methods for turning common relationship conflicts into opportunities to foster love, trust, and intimacy. She suggests making an agreement with your partner to take a “time-out” when you sense a trigger, using those moments to feel what is going on in your body and discover old wounds that have yet to heal. She describes a trigger as a button that gets pushed in our nervous system which prompts an old and familiar feeling to flood our being. That reaction is derived from false information based on old fearsDr. Campbell further explains the importance of looking inward for the source of your distress rather than blaming your partner. By acknowledging that your reaction is coming from your own fears, you can begin to heal and repair yourself and your relationship. “This is a process that builds trust that maybe wasn’t there before…so that they can really connect and be on the same team,” she explains. Furthermore, she says, this practice is not as time-consuming as one might think. It only takes a few minutes to establish a healthier pattern of love, trust and understanding. 

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