Finding Our Sacred Kinship with Mark Nepo

Mark NepoTime and again, fear and greed get in the way of our mutual kinship. Mark Nepo says, “Every time we meet in kindness and truth, we strengthen the immune system of the global body. Since everything is connected, everything matters and every time you strengthen a heart you lessen fear and violence somewhere in the world. This is the challenge of our time: to strengthen our hearts and to lessen our fear and violence. We are all in this together, no matter where we live.” This deep dialogue explores the importance of community and how we can cultivate connectedness with others. It is Nepo’s experience that “holding and listening are two of the oldest medicines we have. And when we can take the risk to hold and be vulnerable and truthful enough to ask to be held, when we can listen and admit that we don’t know and truly listen to each other and our experience. Then I think we will [find the bedrock of kinship].”





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