Finding Happiness, Purpose, And Joy with Dan Millman

Dan MillmanEarth is a perfect school and it provides us with a core curriculum of required courses. Millman has studied and polled many people and has come up with four purposes to life that answer such questions as: Why am I here? What am I meant to do? What is my purpose? Within the four purposes he has found twelve required courses in the school of life that each of us is taking. These are: Self Worth, Discipline, Well Being, Money, Mind, Intuition, Emotion, Courage, Self-Knowledge, Sexuality, Love, and Service. He says of this school, “It’s based on the idea that earth isn’t just a school, but fundamentally it is a perfect school, guaranteed to teach us everything we need learn to evolve through the challenges in relationships, finances, and all the activities of daily life … When we accept that learning is the core of our life, it can shift our entire perspective, then everything we do becomes a way or a path in order to learn.”




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