Feel First/Think Later: Finding Your Way To Emotional Freedom with Raphael Cushnir

Raphael CushnirAre there places in your life where you feel blocked? Is your career or your relationship not what you thought it would be? Are you still struggling with an addiction to smoking or food? Raphael Cushnir believes that whenever we struggle, or whenever we feel unable to accomplish the things that matter to us, there’s an emotion waiting to be noticed, a feeling that our limbic brain sees as so threatening that we resist acknowledging the emotion exists. He says, “Most of us are in resistance to one thing or another all the time. It could be something that happened three minutes ago, but it also could be something that happened three decades ago. We said no to the experience, and that experience is still living within us, waiting for us to accept it, and wreaking all kinds of havoc until we do.” Mr. Cushnir has taken principles from ancient wisdom traditions, plus his own experience with deep suffering, and created a framework that’s easy to understand and simple to apply, as you explore your own resistance. In this interview he offers techniques you can use today to begin unlocking the emotions that hold you back, as well as connecting to your loved ones, your work, and your life with renewed vitality, joy, and freedom.

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