Exploring The Landscape Of Our Current Food Supply with Zen Honeycutt

 Zen Honeycutt is a mother who educated herself about the current state of our world food supply, how it affects our dinner table and how it affects the health of everyone we love. She then shared what she learned with countless others. Through her research she became painfully aware of the chemicals in our food and the body products we use, their origin and their effects on the health of humans and animals. There is a wealth of research available by respected scientists, journalists, and experts who have been ferreting out examples regarding the manufacturing of glyphosates and Genetically Modified Organisms known as GMOs and the use of pesticides embedded in our food which are injurious to our health. This deep dialogue is dense with pertinent information that is critical to the overall health of all people and most especially children. She is a living example that together we can make a huge difference in the way people eat, their health, and the health of the planet. For example, Honeycutt tells us why they focus is on children because most people don’t understand that, “A child’s liver and kidneys, which detoxify toxins, aren’t fully developed until three years old or, even some people say, twelve years old. The immune system isn’t developed until then. So, they are especially impacted by these toxins . . [I]t’s very important that the foods that young children are eating are clean.” Honeycutt is a wealth of knowledge that has direct impact on those of us who buy and eat food. (that includes all of us) 

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