Exploring the Hidden Kingdom of Fungi with Merlin Sheldrake, Ph.D.

 Nature is an assemblage of entanglements in which we are messily embedded. Humans are multi-species beings consisting of trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that coordinate the task of living. In this deep dialogue we explore the fascinating world of the kingdom of fungi and its importance to all life on planet earth. They eat rock, make soil, digest pollutants, both nourish plants and cause plants to decompose, they can survive in space, induce visions, produce food, make medicine, manipulate animal behavior, and influence the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere to list a few of their activities. They live their lives largely hidden from view and over 90% of their species remain undocumented. Sheldrake says that the fungal kingdom is more closely related to the animal kingdom. Here he takes us into his research on the ecological significance of fungi and its importance to all life on planet earth.

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