The Eternal and Infinite Nature of the Self with Rupert Spira

Rupert SpiraThis teacher of non-dualism sheds light on the essential teachings of what is known as “the direct path.” Almost everybody believes that whatever it is we are seeing is something that is outside ourselves. This leads to a most vexing question for science: How is consciousness derived from the brain? No neurologist or brain surgeon has ever found consciousness in the brain. Spira tells us, “The non-dual traditions, in general, suggest that consciousness is not derived from the brain. It’s not a product of matter. In the non-dual traditions consciousness is the primary and fundamental reality. Everything is derived from consciousness. Consciousness is not derived from things.” He acknowledges how our “perceived” experience is undeniably real. However, when we investigate that experience more deeply we will see the dream nature of our perception. The essential question to be asked is: “What is it that knows or is aware of my experience?” This experience of our essential nature is available to us at any moment. We don’t have to “practice” to get there. It is not something “exotic” to our being. He says, “The peace for which we long, the fulfillment we [seek] lives in our own being. It’s accessible, available to everybody in their own being.”

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