ESP, Autistic Children, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, And More with Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

Diane Hennacy PowellDr. Powell describes how her curiosity about human consciousness led her to study the extent of human extrasensory abilities. Her research drove her to focus largely on autism, savant syndrome and abnormal brain function, among other things, to support the existence of extrasensory phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, and ESP. As a psychiatrist, she has had the opportunity to work with people with all kinds of experiences of consciousness. She found that autistic children demonstrated telepathy to the greatest extent. Because of the differences in their brain function, “they see things more as they are…it’s like they’re getting information in a pure sensory form.” She is interested in our innate human potential and believes that these children can teach us about that. Powell also discusses clairvoyance, intestinal chemistry, out-of-body experiences, and holograms. As science attempts to unify these phenomena with physics, one theory is that we live in a holographic universe. “Every single part contains the information of the whole.” Our brains receive sensory input in pieces. They then process the information and integrate it all into one representation, or hologram. Dr. Powell believes that accepting these phenomena as real can open the door to a more harmonious way of connecting with one another, and could change our culture for the better.

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