What Is The Holy Grail Of Your Life?

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As I cope with Michael’s passing, I know that I would not be as strong as I am right now if it weren’t for his belief in me. He didn’t care much for material gain; his heart and mind were intensely focused on seeking wisdom and expressing his highest potential.  His vision was infectious.

I can honestly say he was instrumental in helping me not only find my passion but to express it in the world. From the very beginning of our relationship 42 years ago, he could see that I too had a craving and deep curiosity for the search for “truth”. When I first met him, I’d been searching for this truth in various Christian religions.  He expanded that search for me to include philosophy, science, world religions, and more. It’s been a rich stew of finding meaning and purpose. The by-product of this search has been the desire for a world that works for all livingness including our human family, our animal family, our plant family, and even the earth itself.

I know, as a New Dimensions listener, you are also on the quest of making a positive difference in the world.  So, I poise these questions: What is your Holy Grail? What is the deep craving that moves you to action? As each of us contributes to the world and strives to make a difference, there is some vital force supporting our striving and it’s uniquely ours. It’s our own personal quest. This “something”, this urge, is not to be denied. It’s been growing like a seed planted in our soul. It carries us forward. It’s the Holy Grail that has been a fire burning behind us, pressing us onward, encouraging us to develop our talents, skills, and wisdom and then share them with the world.

What seed of longing has both inspired you and held you as you’ve navigated the winding path of your life?  You may discover it is a seed that has been moving and blossoming in you since early childhood. As you look over your history and uncover what has been calling and leading your life, you’ll be amazed at how orderly your life has unfolded.   As Joseph Campbell has said on New Dimensions, “[The philosopher] Schopenhauer points out that when you are at a certain age and look back over your life, it seems to be almost as orderly as a composed novel. And just as in Dickens’ novels, little accidental meetings turn out to be main features in the plot, so in your life. And what seem to have been mistakes at the time turn out to be directive crises. And then he asks: ‘Who wrote this novel?’ … I look back now on certain things that at the time seemed to me to be real disasters, but the results turned out to be the structuring of a really great aspect of my life and career” …

What is the Holy Grail that moves you? What is the mighty purpose that you alone serve?

By Justine Willis Toms
March, 2013 

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