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My dear sister of my heart, Linda Merryman, with whom I’ve been in circle for more than 25 years sent out the following piece that she was inspired to write. I love it so much and I received her permission to share with all of you. I hope you relish it as much as I do. During the storms of life, it’s such a fine reminder that there is much to be grateful for. Enjoy!


After many hours somewhere dreaming this and dreaming that and forgetting and resting and replenishing, oh miracle of miracles, I awake. I am still here. I open my eyes and I see my room and my friend, Arthur. I touch his arm. My fingers feel him. “Good morning my friend,” he says. I hear him and speak back, “Good morning.” I have not lost the place. I know who he is and who I am and where we are. It is the same as when, many hours ago, I went somewhere.

Oh miracle of miracles, it is another day. My legs bend at the knees and hips and walk and don’t hurt as I slip into the bathroom. Out the window I see blue blue sky and matching ocean. There are gloriously green trees and fields and coffee plants. I pee. My body works. I expect it to. Then I remember it could not work. The joy of effortlessly eliminating what has been miraculously filtered during the night is an everyday miracle. Everything has continued.

The sky that was dark when I lay down is now bright with sunshine. The earth has turned and I have not fallen off, or blown off, or collided. So many miracles, everyday miracles have happened for this to be. My heart kept the beat all night, my lungs filled and emptied, Arthur’s as well.

I know what I am doing today and I know what needs to happen to make that transpire some hours in the future. My thinking and memory are working. I pause now to consider that this too is somehow a dream. A part of a bigger miracle held in no time no space where all is connected to everything that ever was or will ever be, Brahma’s dream some say.

I relax for a moment and remember to feel the vast space around me, to see from the back of my head, to take my eyes out of focus and see with soft eyes. I want to remember this as I navigate today, no hurry, no worry. Infinity allows for plenty of time. Miracle of miracles, a life time with all its pages and chapters and stories, and it is but a blink of an eye. Soon to end. Soon to continue. Everyday miracles deserve recognition, humility, praise, laughter, awe, and celebration.Today I will remember I Am an everyday miracle!


By Linda Merryman
a pop up social artist and a perpetual Tutu.
Lives on the Big Island of Hawaii on the Hamakua Coast

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