Cave Mantra For 2012

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Image source: ©Millionth Circle

Image source: ©Millionth Circle

As many of you know, I participate in several “friends of the heart” circles.  I have my women’s circle that has been meeting for almost 30 years and my circle of men and women who have been meeting for nearly as long.  I’m one of 23 conveners of the Millionth Circle which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary.  This circle meets in several different ways.  Once a year we enjoy a “deepening,” sitting together for 3-4 days. We also meet in smaller groups, either at the U.N. session on the Commission on the Status of Women that takes place in February and March each year. We also celebrate other occasions during the year.  And, most of all, we meet each month for a virtual circle on the phone.  This keeps us in touch with one another on a regular basis. The leadership of this call is rotated.  In the past month our leader was Clare Peterson, one of our Canadian circle sisters.  I received her permission to share with you the wonderful visualization she gave to us. Although it was for the Winter Solstice, I’m suggesting you consider making this part of your new year dreamscape.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

“In this dreamscape…you are invited into a deep Winter Solstice (nee New Year) cave, a spacious place of simple comfort and rest. As you enter in friendly silence, move quietly over to the wall. With a jeweled pen, slowly write one sentence or mantra that inspires and sustains you at this time. Imagine what you have written becoming part of a wise and helpful collective hieroglyph–a template seen through the golden amber flickering of the Mother fire–holding as we snuggle down for our dream time togetherthe elegant script drifting through the visions we know and carry.”

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Consider taking a few minutes in quiet meditation and allow a brief statement to well up from your deep wisdom body to inspire and sustain you in this coming new year.


Here is the 2012 mantra that came to me.

Beauty, ease, and grace are before me.

Beauty, ease, and grace are behind me.

Beauty, ease, and grace are all around me.


For me beauty is an inspiration. It is a quality that is uncluttered, pleasing to the eye, and gives intense pleasure to the mind and spirit. It is a field in which high spiritual qualities can be manifested.

Ease is to move with tranquility, serenity, calmness, and peace. And grace is the blessing of divine assistance. If you resonate with this mantra, I encourage you to use it and share it in any way you see fit. I’m wishing you many blessings in 2012.

Justine Willis Toms
January 2012

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