Doing Good While Having Fun with Betsy Wiersma

 Betsy is a consummate organizer and has been at it since she was a teenager. Missing the camaraderie of her biological sisters when she moved from the Midwest to Colorado she gathered a “chosen” sisterhood of friends who’s motto is to “Do good and have fun.” In 2005 she, with her friends, began the CampExperiencetm Network which is a three day retreat for women consisting of brief presentations by some awesome and accomplished women, delightful activities, and raising money for charities in unique and entertaining ways. The idea is to be a summer camp for women to have fun together and make a contribution to the greater good. Betsy has a commitment to over-deliver. She often says—when making an announcement of what’s coming up next—“Wait, there’s more.” She is the most exuberant cheerleader for worthy projects you’ll ever meet and participates and encourages what can be described as a “good old girl’s network.” Her business model is based on love. She says, “What if we first say, what could love do in this business setting? What could kindness do? What could education do? What could inspiration do? What if we drop all assumptions and all labels? What if we come from love, which means ‘Hello. I accept you, I’m interested in you, I’d like to listen to you.’ Perhaps you’re very different than me. But what if love is the place we start?” One of her most recent projects is being the author and curator of the book, The STEW, which stands for Smart Talk, Exceptional Women, which is a collection of over 60 women writing about what inspires and enlivens them. Tune in and be inspired to create such awe-inspiring events in your own community.

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